Plans to release best collection in June, and new album in July!


As this year marks 20 years since their formation, "Semeru: KEMURI" have finalized plans to release a best hits album in June, and a new album in July!

The best collection scheduled for release in June has been compiled with a focus on all the songs you're used to hearing at their live shows, and you could call this their "all time best". What's more, their guitarist from before the band's reformation, Tanaka "T" Tatsumi will of course be participating, as well as supporting member Mitsuhiro Kawamura on the trumpet, and Hiroyuki Suga on the trombone. You could even call this a rerecording with all of their best live members.
Included in the CD and DVD package is not only the music video for their new song "PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)", but also a documentary filmed on their recent US tour. This too is a must see for fans.

Then, following in July, it's the long awaited new album release!
With a total of 11 tracks, you'll be surprised at the different kinds of songs that have been included!
We will release more detailed information later, so we ask for your patience.

Details of best collection album and new album here