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    Information that fans want is here first, from profiles and discography to the latest official news!

  • Positive Mental Crew Membership Benefits

    By joining the KEMURI fan club Positive Mental Crew, you receive benefits such as a membership certificate, an original pin badge, and advance purchase of concert tickets, and you are able to view exclusive web content that is for members only.

    For details, see the page below.

    PMC details here
  • KEMURI Official site Registration Process

    KEMURI Official site Users desiring to register for the KEMURI fan club Positive Mental Crew can do so by the following steps.

    • First enter an email address and password for ID creation (free).
    • A SKIYAKI ID creation confirmation email will be sent to the email address that was entered.
    • Navigate to the URL in the email text to complete the creation of the SKIYAKI ID
    • Next navigate to the paid member registration of MY PAGE.
    • Choose the credit card settlement.
    • Entering payment information will complete the payment.