About payment

This site offers a credit card settlement.

Users like to be you would like a membership registration , please member registration by the following procedure.

Member registration procedure

  1. STEP1:Create a free SKIYAKI ID from the Sign up/new member registration page.
  2. STEP2:To the new membership from SKIYAKI ID after creating MY PAGE
  3. STEP3:And we have you choose the payment method of credit card , to perform the member registration

Credit card

Accepted credit card types


Payment method:At settlement method input screen , the credit card information , please input.

about Security code

The security code , it is a special kind of code that is used for preventing unauthorized use of credit card debit card . Please check the following for a description portion of each credit card.

  • VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club , three-digit numbers that are listed in the back of the credit card
    (It is located immediately to the right of the main card number)
  • American Express , the four-digit number that is listed on the front of the credit card
    (It is located in the upper right corner of the main card number)

If you can not or if illegible you do not know the security code , please contact your bank or credit card company that is listed on the card.