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    Fumio Ito - Vocal

    Noriaki Tsuda - Bass

    Shoji Hiraya - Drums

    Ken Kobayashi - Saxophone

    Yukihiko 'T' Tanaka - Guitar

    Mitsuhiro Kawamura - Trumpet

    Hiroyuki Suka - Trombone


    1995, formed band. Released their first album "Little Playmate" from Roadrunner Japan in 1996, and later released a total of 4 original albums and 1 live album.


    2003 April, transferred to Universal Music and released a single in July, but due to an accident during a tour, were forced to halt their activities.


    2004 September, released their 5th album "Circles" and made their comeback.


    2007, transferred to Avex and released their 8th album "our PMA".


    2007 early December, disbanded after the final performance of their tour (Dec 9, Zepp Tokyo).


    2012 September, in response to a call from Hi-STANDARD, made their first comeback in 5 years at "AIR JAM 2012".


    2012 November, conducted the Reunion Tour in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. All shows sold out.


    2013 January, announced their guitarist Hidenori Minami's withdrawal (currently in Ken Band), and the comeback of founding guitarist Yukihiko 'T' Tanaka.


    2013 June 5, released their 9th album "ALL FOR THIS!".


    2014 March 5, released their first full cover album "KEMURIFIED".


    2014 Oct 8, released their 10th album "RAMPANT".


    2015 in April, went on U.S. West Coast Tour (5 shows / First time in 17 years in U.S.).


    2015 Jun 17, released an all-time best album "SKA BRAVO" (Including newly re-recorded tracks).


    2015 July 15, released their 11th album "F".