FM802 presents KEMURI 20th anniversary "TANPAN-NIGHT"!!


We're having a party one special night in Osaka to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the start of Kemuri.

The dress code is shorts!

We're bringing together staff and Kemuri's freak DJ from FM802. We're going to celebrate the anniversary year with a DJ show and talk show!

Of course there's also a Kemuri live performance!!


[Event details]

FM802 presents KEMURI 20th anniversary "TANPAN-NIGHT"

When: 09/16/15 STARTS 7:30 PM (planning to open at 7:00 PM)

Venue:Rock Town in Abeno, Osaka

Dress code: please come in shorts

Performance: Kemuri, FM802 DJ Team


[Ticket Details]

●Student Advance Invitation (middle school, high school, college, technical)

 Invitations for 50 pairs or 100 people

 Reception period: August 27th, 2015 (Thursday) 3:00 PM until September 4th (Friday) 11:59 PM

 ※E-mail will be sent to the winners of tickets via a lottery.

 For details: URL=

●General ticket sales

 Going on sale September 6 (Sunday) 

 3,500 yen(You must also buy a drink ticket at the entrance for 600 yen) 

 ※After winners of the lottery have entered, entrance will be open to everyone else. Thank you for your understanding.